& she died at midnight (aphroditis) wrote in xslgx,
& she died at midnight

Ahh! I'm so late with this!

1. best films of 2002
~ Mr. Deeds
~ Panic Room
~ Signs
2. best bands of 2002 (These bands might not be 2002)
~ Rasputina
~ Lacuna Coil
~ Murderdolls
3. books i read in 2002 (I can only list 3? lol)
~ Echo by FLB
~ The Rose and the Beast by FLB
~ A bunch of series books (Circle of 3, Sweep, DOTM, etc)
4. best buy
~ My stripey sleeve black shirt with detachable arm warmers <3
5. best thing i made
~ I'm not sure, I'm always making stuff, but I made this one thing (hard to describe) I took this cardboard and cut frames in one of them and covered it with rose material, and I covered the background one with black, then glued fake leaves in the frames. It's weird, lol.

It's hard to make up my mind, lol.
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